After reading Meghan Markle’s old blog, we’re sad she won’t be this open ever again

And it’s a shame too because Meghan’s lifestyle blog was so much less irritating than Gwyneth Paltrow’s.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Official Engagement Photos Released
Being proposed to by a prince might sound like a romcom movie come to life, but if you ask soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle, it’s a lot of hard work, too.
For one, you have no life. Once you become part of the elite family, you cease being a “normal” person and everything you once loved must be scrubbed away from the Internet, lest the wee commoners find out you once got drunk on rosé and marathoned Fuller House in one sitting.
And it’s for that reason that, after Prince Harry announced their engagement, Meghan had to delete her lifestyle blog, The Tig, and all her social media accounts.
And it’s a shame too because Meghan’s lifestyle blog was so much less irritating than Gwyneth Paltrow’s.
(Photo Credit: Wayback Machine)
(Photo Credit: Wayback Machine)
Before Prince Harry, Meghan wasn’t some elusive royal with a nice smile and an arsenal of weird hats.
Judging by her blog, the former actress was an actual person who enjoyed fine dining, curating trips through exotic cities, being occasionally self-deprecating, and drinking lots of wine while reading generic book club novels.
You know, like a human being — the very thing the royal committee apparently wanted to put a stop to.

Although The Tig was shut down in early 2017, using an Internet Archive to take a look at some of her old blog posts to learn more about the “real” Meghan we learnt a few things about the future Royal.

She hates baking

While introducing a delicious recipe for chocolate cake, Meghan revealed that, although she’s a foodie at heart, she just can’t handle the whole baking thing. “There’s something about the technicality of it that stifles my inner rebel,” she wrote (or, let’s be realistic, ghostwrote).
“No dash of this or extra spoonful of that. There’s a science to baking and the measurements matter ever so much.” Luckily for her, we doubt she’ll be doing any egg-cracking over at the palace.

She wrote an inspiring ode to her mother

Her 2014 love letter to her mother was very sweet and gave us a glimpse into what Mother Markle is like. “Nose ring. Yoga instructor. Social worker. Free spirit. Lover of potato chips & lemon tarts,” Meghan wrote as she described her mom.
“And if the DJ cues Al Green’s soul classic ‘Call Me,’ just forget it. She will swivel her hips into the sweetest little dance you’ve ever seen, swaying her head and snapping her fingers to the beat like she’s been dancing since the womb.” She then thanked her mother for “planting the seed for me” to become who she is today.

She was always destined for more than Hollywood.

Although many of Meghan’s articles were the usual fare about how to get hair like Rachel from Suits or red carpet fashion tips, Meghan also wrote about her charity work and revealed several times that she wanted to do more to create change in the world.
“When I gave the speech for International Women’s Day, and UN Secretary General Bahn-Ki Moon led the standing ovation, I thought, ‘This right here, this is the point,'” she wrote. “To use whatever status I have managed to garner as an actress, and maximize my opportunity for impact with the moments of value that resonate far greater than an audition ever could.”
Well, once she officially becomes a royal, she’s definitely going to fulfill that wish.

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